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Why should you check-up?
In Modern Medicine, the aim is to ensure that the person is healthy by taking the necessary precautions before the disease occurs. Because, after the disease has emerged, both treatment is much more expensive, and health has once again deteriorated.
Early and accurate diagnosis of coronary artery diseases, cancer, hypertension and many other diseases, which are our illnesses, is extremely important in terms of life span and quality of life. It is also important for early diagnosis and regular care in diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, which sneak around for years without any symptoms and cause no complaints in the patient, but also damage vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.
Your health is valuable! Do not leave your life to chance…
Who should check up?
It is recommended that all persons who have no complaints and illness should be regularly taken at least once a year. The recommended repeat time may vary depending on familial risk factors (cancer, coronary artery disease, etc.).
How should the check-up content be?
Except for specific age-specific program packages (Child-Menopause-Prostate..vb) and special screening programs for familial genetic diseases (Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases); it is specially prepared for you with the determination of the risk factors according to the age, sex, risk factors, lifestyle and disease burden of the person belonging to the person and the related physical examinations and Laboratory / Radiological tests required.
When coming to check-up:
  • Bring the results of previous tests and other tests together.
  • Come with casual clothes and shoes for tests that will require physical activity (efor trendmil ) on the day of the appointment
  • Come to hungry for at least 10-12 hours on the day of the appointment (in the meantime you can only drink water).
Pay attention to the details that may affect your check-up results!
  • For womans; Menstruation (Regl) in the absence of your period,
  • Do not use any vitamins mineral supplement, if you use it,
  • Be careful not to drink alcohol before the appointment day.
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