Diabetes Surgery


Transit Bipartition surgery can be applied to obese individuals as well as patients with Type 2 diabetes.

It differs from all other surgeries; the short duration of the surgery, the lack of disinfection procedures, and the failure to disable the duodenum (twelve arthropods), especially in individuals with osteoporosis and iron deficiency. In addition to the operation of the sleeve gastrectomy (stomach reduction), this operation is counted towards the triple of 80-120 cm (the beginning of the small intestine) from the end of the intestine and this point is marked. It is counted as 150 cm from the marked area, and the small intestine is cut from 230-270 cm from the thin wall. The interrupted small bowel connects to the stomach. The small intestine is connected to the previously marked, 80-120 cm. Thus, 1/3 of the foods we eat pass through the natural way, the duodenum (twelve intestines). 2/3 passes through the new connection made to the stomach.

With this surgery, obesity is controlled in type 2 diabetes (diabetes), Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Metabolic Associated Diseases.
Metabolic surgery is diabetes surgery. The feature that distinguishes this surgery from the others is mainly the displacement process in the small intestines. There is food passage through all of the small intestines. The operation is first performed with sleeve gastrectomy (gastric minimization) to dislodge the left outer part of the scalp in association with the patient’s VKI. It is then transported to the head of the small intestine between 150-200 cm from the end of the small intestine. Thus, food taken from the mid to the last part of the small intestine enters.
After this process, Type 2 Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus), Blood pressure, Cholesterol and metabolic co-morbidity are controlled.
İleal interposition surgery has the advantage over other operations: İleal Interposition surgery does not impair vitamin or mineral absorption . Patients with Ileal Intervention surgery start to take liquid food three days after surgery. After six months, eating habits return to normal. They can survive without taking vitamin or mineral supplements.
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