Gastric Reflux

Penis Prosthesis

What is the Penis Prosthesis? The penis, the male genitals, has a body, head and skin over it.There is a thick membrane under the skin, which is an elastic structure and protects the…

Surgical Council

Mydoctor Surgical Council Mydoctora councils are created by doctors who have contracted my doctor in the direction of complaints and diseases of the applicants. there are professors Docen&…

Obesity Surgery

Tube Stomach surgery is the process of cutting out the left outer part of a laparoscopic scalpel. The main purpose of tube stomach surgery is to create a stomach with a volume of 120-150 ml to restrict food intake and reduce the time for food to reach the stomach.

Diabetes Surgery

TRANSITE BIPARTISY OPERATION Transit Bipartition surgery can be applied to obese individuals as well as patients with Type 2 diabetes. It differs from all other surgeries; the short du…

Check-Up Packages

Why should you check-up? In Modern Medicine, the aim is to ensure that the person is healthy by taking the necessary precautions before the disease occurs. Because, after the disease has e…

Hair Transplant

Send me your 4-way photo of what is top, front, back and sides to inform you of the price. Whatsapp Hair plantation is one of the methods used to solve the problem of hairlessness. …

Aesthetic Surgery

Dental Treatment

Stomach Botox

You are ready to lose weight with endoscopic stomach botox treatment that lasts for 15 minutes. STOMACH BOTOX IN 10 QUESTIONS 1. What is stomach boto…

Stomach Balloon

In 2017 My Doctor started its activities with “the best doctors and the best quality hospitals of Turkey with the most effective treatment and branches to provide the high quality services for our patients” principle, has managed to become one of the companies that is highly respected and cretae differences in the process. 


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