Gastric Botox

You are ready to lose weight with endoscopic stomach botox treatment that lasts for 15 minutes.
1. What is stomach botox?
Endoscopic is the process of applying botox proteins to a portion of the stomach.
2. How is it done?
Sedation is performed. The patient does not feel pain and starvation.
3. What is the effect of weakening?
People are less hungry because the nerves of the secreting hormone are temporarily blocked.
Because the muscles that allow the stomach to be emptied are temporarily blocked, the gastric emptying period is prolonged, people feel tough for a long time and become more hungry.
Patients need a maximum of 2 items per day.
4. What is the advantage of other attenuation methods?
Non-surgical method.
Patients who do not intervene in the body structure can return to the beginning of their work.
5. To whom?
Body mass index is a method in the range of 27-35, which is 10-20 kg, which is used in individuals who have difficulty in adapting to diet and exercise programs.
There is no benefit in morbid obese patients whose body mass index is more than 35.
6. How long does it take?
Botox application 15 min. takes. Sedation-induced eradication stage 30-45 min. It may take.
The patient can then return to his home or to his work.
7. When does the effect begin to appear?
The sensation of hunger decreases within 2-3 days. After 2 weeks, weight loss begins to occur and is targeted to 10-20 pounds.
8. Can it be repeated?
People who cannot lose enough weight can be given a second 6 months intervals and, if necessary for the third time, gastric botox.
9. Which diseases are useful?
Insulin resistance due to excess weight, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, liver fatigue, sleep apnea and so on. it is useful in the treatment of many comorbid diseases.
10. Are there side effects or complications?
No serious side effects have been observed in the studies conducted so far.

VIP package privilege in stomach botox application

  • Application by Associate Professor or Professor Doctor
  • 3 sessions of dietitian support
  • 2 sessions psychologist support
  • A + application in hospital
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